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  • We are a caring, professional, and team-centered practice.

  • We provide our patients with individualized service, always maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.

  • We strive to provide the highest quality service in everything we do. Short-cuts are not tolerated.

  • Our focus is to integrate new alternatives in healthcare with traditional medical practice.

  • Our objective is to do this based on sound scientific principles and research.

  • We aim to be an educational resource to our patients, the medical establishment, and our community.

  • Our goal is to balance our careers and families, to respect and support each other, and to continue to expand our knowledge, skills, and self-awareness.

Dr. Gary H. Coller

• Board-certified in

Family Practice

• Board-certified in

Clinical Metal


• Board-certified in Advanced Integrative Medicine

Natural solutions

for healthier living!


Dr. Gary Coller is an experienced physician. He has been in practice since 1979 when he opened a solo practice in Montague, Michigan focusing on Family Practice, Preventive Medicine, and Laser Surgery.

As evidence of his competence and unique abilities, he has earned many credentials and certifications. Among them, he holds board certifications in Family Practice, Clinical Metal Toxicology, and Advanced Integrative Medicine. Furthermore, he has regularly been an officer and/or board member of the International College of Integrative Medicine.

About Dr. Gary Coller

The Integrative Healthcare Center Mission Statement

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Through his wide range of interests, Dr. Coller has become uniquely trained in integrating the best of traditional medicine with alternative care.


Dr. Coller is also an experienced laser surgeon and a charter member of the American Society of General Laser Surgeons. Since the mid 1980's, he has utilized laser surgery for the treatment of warts, moles, skin tags, hemorrhoids, and more. In addition to the obvious cosmetic value of laser procedures, Dr. Coller promotes laser for its increased precision and rapid healing rates as compared to other forms of surgery.


An additional area of expertise within the office is the innovative treatment of painful conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system and arthritis. He has studied with and learned from osteopathic and chiropractic doctors to develop a range of manipulative techniques, ligament and tendon-strengthening procedures, and specialized nutritional knowledge to aid in the repairing and renewing of skeletal structure.


Sclerotherapy (Prolotherapy) is an area that is of special interest to Dr. Coller because of the successes he has had in treating chronic instability of the spine and joints. As a member of the American College of Osteopathic Sclerotherapeutic Pain Management, Inc., Dr. Coller has been utilizing prolotherapy with incredible results. Through the use of this therapy, many patients who previously suffered with severe joint pain are now pain free.


Dr. Coller has developed close ties with Tim Cochran, Ph.D of the Cochran Foundation of Medical Research. Dr. Cochran is a renowned biochemist doing cutting-edge research on longevity. Dr. Coller has been applying Dr. Cochran's research to patients interested in the study. Over and over again, our patients have noted improvements in their symptoms - especially with regards to Parkinson's Disease.