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Do you desire revelation of truth? You must start with an empty cup. That is, you must rid yourself of all preconceived notions. Scripture says that wisdom begins with the fear of God. An empty cup with the fear of God is the foundation of truth. Contemplate all you encounter from that perspective.


If you struggle with your health and your faith, then it's time to empty your cup of all your preconceptions. As you learn to fill it with God's truth, you will find refreshment for both your soul and body.


Ready for change? Check out Dr. Gary's book - Revelations in a Brown Paper Bag.

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Dr. Coller begins by laying out a strong spiritual foundation for readers then builds on this by addressing the ways that external and internal energy sources can affect our lives and examining the healing power of God as shown in Scripture. By looking at both spiritual and physical causes for illness, Dr. Coller shows the important roles of both faith and science. His medical background is obvious as he provides readers with health and nutrition guidelines, but his spiritual authority is also clear through his inspired insight into Scripture.



Building a spiritual foundation

Revelations In A Brown Paper Bag

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Despite a prophetic word from God that he would write a book that would bless many people, Dr. Coller struggled with fruitless attempts until a patient arrived with the purpose of praying over him in tongues. She told him, 'God told you to write a book and he wants it done!' Shortly after this encounter, he began waking up in the middle of the night with revelations that illuminated certain Scriptures. He would write them down and throw them into a paper sack. Finally, he collected them into the book you hold in your hands: Revelations in a Brown Paper Bag.




Dr. Gary H. Coller

• Board-certified in Family Practice

• Board-certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology

• Board-certified in Advanced Integrative Medicine


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