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Your health is about whole body wellness - add some laughter to your routine with some of our funny video resources. These help to further demonstrate how our treatment is different from what you typically receive in physicians' clinics, all with a touch of humor.

Dr. Gary H. Coller

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"The Town of Allopath"

Add some humor to your wellness plan

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Though this cartoon generalizes under the title “Allopath,” we at the IHC DO NOT believe all allopathic physicians to be so ignorant as portrayed. We have many respected colleagues and friends who are MDs. We post this video as a satire against the mindset that merely addresses symptom-management as opposed to proper diagnosis and treatment of underlying problems.

"The Drugs I Need"

As a disclaimer, we at the IHC do believe that pharmaceuticals and surgeries are tremendous blessings when used appropriately and sparingly; nevertheless, humor is always good for the body and soul.