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None of our work matters unless it is making a difference in your lives. Here are some of the things that our patients have so graciously shared with us. If you have any comments or stories you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you, too!


"On the fast track to obesity, I was frustrated to be in a rut that I couldn't climb out of.  Why was it that no matter what I tried, the pounds just wouldn't go in any direction but skyward.  Even exercise wasn't moving the scales.  I was always hungry, and even when I wasn't I would eat anyway.  One plate of food didn't satisfy, it had to be two.  The last physical examination I had came with the news that I had indeed moved into the obese range, and my cholesterol was at a point that if I didn't do something about it, I would be placed on medication.  Well, there was no way I was going on medication, and with my son and daughter planning weddings, I needed to do something and fast.  Dr. Coller mentioned Dr. Simeon's HCG Diet.  The thought of injecting myself was not at the top of my list, but after reading the entire printout, I truly believed that the problems stated were exactly in line with mine.  My metabolism was all messed up, probably from years of yo-yo dieting.  So, I took the plunge.  I could do anything for 26 days, I told myself.  Surprisingly, giving myself the injections wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I followed the plan religiously.  One day I experienced a bad headache.  Another day about a week into it, I was having a real hard time with hunger.  I called on my support group to pray for me, and I got through that day, which was the only day I felt that way.  For the very limited calories allowed, I really was amazed at how satisfied I felt.  My goal was for a 10 pound loss, so I was pleasantly surprised with 12-1/2!  Now that it is done, I have been able to eat normal amounts of food and still feel satisfied.  That hasn't happened to me in years.  I am certain that this was the boost I needed to reset my system and get me back on track for a lifetime of healthy living.  Thank you Dr. Coller!"

K – Cadillac


"I have had 2 heart attacks and a stroke and have been advised to have another by-pass operation by my cardiologist. The stroke occurred shortly after my previous surgery so I am reluctant to have another. I have taken 34 chelation treatments. Although I still have angina pain at about the same level, my blood pressure has dropped significantly from 170/110 (before starting chelation) to 130/80 now. Of course that figure varies but stays in that area both before and after the chelation treatments. I am continuing treatments and feel it is helping me."

Edwin – Muskegon


"With regard to chelation therapy, I think it is very good. Before I heard about it I was to have bypass surgery for poor circulation in my legs, I could not walk a block without resting. My heart was slightly enlarged, my blood pressure was high (even on medication) and my feet and toes were numb. All these ailments are better now, some are gone after chelation."


"I think this therapy is a wonderful thing. It should be made so that insurance pays for the treatments. They pay a lot more for a lot less help. I am all for it (chelation)!"

Fred – Manistee


"I would like you to be aware of the good chelation therapy has done for me. The untrue adverse publicity it has received has really irritated me. Before treatments by Dr. Gary Coller, my blood pressure was vacillating greatly. My feet and hands were cold and my energy level was extremely low. Afterwards I had a marked improvement in these areas. Also, I experienced a slight change in vision for the better. May my experience with chelation therapy be of some help to others who could benefit by its use."

Elaine – Southfield


"At 74 years old I was suffering from blocked arteries in the neck which caused me to have many small strokes, I am a diabetic and also suffered with extremely high blood pressure, which brought me twice within the last year to the emergency room in West Shore Hospital. I was transferred by ambulance to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. In September I was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital in Muskegon, neither surgeon wanted to take the risk of operating on the neck arteries on account of the diabetes and they sent me home to die. In October I found out about Dr. Coller (not through my physician) and he conducted a full day of tests and shared the results with me. It turned out that my kidney function was nearly in failure and the order was to chelate with extreme caution, which meant less than the full amount of EDTA. After 20 treatments the tests showed my kidney function much improved, so much, in fact, that with the next chelation treatment I was allowed the full dose of EDTA. As a side effect of chelation therapy my painful varicose veins I had for 25 years have nearly disappeared. I am feeling much better and my blood pressure stays at an acceptable level. My speech has much improved. In 5 months chelation therapy has brought me back from the brink of death. Currently I only need one treatment a month. In my view the AMA is making a serious error in judgment in trying to deny the American people this safe, effective treatment for clearing plaque out of arteries."

Marcella – Manistee


"About two years ago I became aware of this treatment that might help the problem I felt I had with circulation. I took a series of twenty treatments from Dr. Gary Coller. I had been on blood pressure medication for some time and I was bothered with aching in my lower legs."


"During the treatments by blood pressure became normal without medication. Since then it is easily kept in a normal range with a much smaller dose of medication. These treatments also helped the aching in my lower legs. I believe the reason I am not completely over these problems is that I have not followed the diet that Dr. Coller asked me to follow. To my knowledge I have not suffered any side effects from these treatments."

Walter – Muskegon


"I am a 66 year old male. Two years ago I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I have suffered with atrial fibrillation since that time and have been cardioverted 3 times. I followed the Doctors orders carefully and was put on Verapamil and Lanoxin. No improvement. Then medication was switched to a higher dose and still later switched to quinadine and then to quinaglute, 4 per day and one .125 Lanoxin. I was very dissatisfied with my health. The cardiologist in Traverse City wrote in his findings that he expects me to develop a full blown case of cardiomyopathy."


"In October I learned about Dr. Coller and his chelation program. After a full day of tests I was started on chelation and after 21 treatments I am feeling much better and have much more ambition. Since starting treatments I’ve only had one minor attack of irregular heartbeat, the yellow coloring of my eye was restored to white and my varicose veins are less pronounced. My leg is warm again and the sore spot on my chest is much improved."


"After 20 treatments tests showed great improvement in blood flow throughout the body. I am convinced that chelation therapy is, for me, making the difference between enjoying a relatively healthy life and just barely living."

Cornelius – Manistee


"I am a patient of Chelation Therapy. One year ago I could not walk up a hill without stopping several times to rest my legs and catch my breath. We also had to stop many times when we were traveling so I could get out and walk, my legs would be aching from lack of circulation. I also had a real problem with my hands and feet getting cold."


"My experience with chelation has been great. I no longer have the problems after 20 treatments. We went south this winter and didn’t have to make any stops that were not planned. My husband lost his first wife to bad circulation. We are convinced that this therapy could have been a godsend for her."


"I’m sure there are many people who would benefit from chelation therapy. Hopefully some insurance companies will start paying for it to save people from having open heart surgery at the government’s expense. Preventative medicine is, to me, the best way to go. Again let me tell you I have not felt better in a long time and I hope that everyone will be able to benefit from this before long."

Darlene – Fruitport


"I have only praise for chelation therapy. Before chelation I was having many health problems- such pain and numbness in my arms and legs and chest pain. I was losing weight, had headaches and dizziness, and had problems climbing stairs."


"I was introduced to the treatments when a man who had the same problems I did asked me to read a book on chelation. After a few treatments I started to notice my health improving but found out through a wonderful Doppler system (which my doctor had me take) that I had to continue my treatments for a while longer. I am glad I did. Today my health is much improved I not only walk stairs now, I run up and down. Thanks to the wonderful care I got at Dr. Gary Coller’s Medical Center, and to God who makes all things possible. I now find life worth living."

A.J. – Whitehall


"I’m writing in regard to the Chelation therapy Program I went thru at Dr. Coller’s Medical Center. I completed 20 treatments and can’t believe the help I got from them. My symptoms were high blood pressure, angina, and leg aches (I couldn’t even go down stairs or walk a block). I was so tired I was worthless. Now I have normal blood pressure, no longer take medication (before I took 9 pills a day). I walk 2 miles every morning and my chest pain is very seldom."


"I sure wish the American Medical Association would accept this treatment so Medicare and other Insurance Companies would make it possible for all people to get this treatment who need help so desperately."

Ruth – Manistee


"Two years ago I was running through an airport when I became seriously short of breath. When I got back to California I went to my cardiologist. He recommended extensive testing and discovered that I had a very weak heart with a very low ejection fraction. I was in congestive heart failure. He said I needed an angiogram and possible heart surgery. I refused. I told him I wanted to go see my doctor friend in Michigan. His response was that I shouldn’t leave California because my condition was serious. I left anyway and came to see Dr. Coller. In one week of supplementation and intravenous treatments my heart function had improved considerably. I went back to the cardiologist and he recommended I continue the therapy with Dr. Coller. I have been doing great ever since. I am no longer in congestive heart failure."

Ed - Santa Maria, CA


"Dr. Coller is not just a physician. He is a healer."

Susan - Grand Rapids


"You saved my life-I love you all!"

Tony – Jenison

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