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You have options. Choose our blend of traditional and alternative medicine, and be on your way to better health.

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Make Informed Decisions About Your Healthcare

At the Integrative Healthcare Center, we offer our patients a truly comprehensive array of treatments and therapies that cover the spectrum from traditional to alternative.

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 Chronic Pain

 - Electro Accuscope / Myopulse

 - Prolotherapy

 - Spinal Manipulation

 Degenerative Diseases

 - Chelation | handout

 - Hydrogen Peroxide


 - Chelation

 - Leaky Gut

 Preventive & Restorative Therapies

 - Antioxidants & Free Radicals

 - IV Nutritional

 - Supplementation

 Skin & Cellulite

 - Microdermabrasion

 - Laser

 - Anti - aging & HGH

 Other Topics

 - Rife Technology

 - Thermography

 - UBI Therapy


Learn more about the life changing power of prayer

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