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All of human behavior is driven by worldview - the lens through which we view reality. Worldview influences how we act, think, eat, raise our children, spend money, and pass our time. It shapes how we vote, pray, give, and how we do our jobs.


In essence, our actions and decisions are the evidence of our beliefs about how the world really is and how it works. For us at the Integrative Healthcare Center, our goal is to live our lives in all areas - family, recreation, and work - being faithful to and consistent in our convictions, our beliefs, and our worldview.

You may not hold the same worldview as we do - that's okay. We welcome you to learn more about what we do and what we offer.


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We consider it fitting to be open and honest about some of the deeper, more foundational beliefs that influence our approach to integrative medicine - most importantly, faith in a Creator.


Through much study and many experiences, we have come to hold a deep belief in a loving Creator who is able to heal and who has designed the body with a natural ability to heal itself when given the right conditions.


Spirituality - and your health

Your View of the World - It Shapes How You Live

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Embrace the power of healing scriptures.

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